Wooden Table Decor

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Your living room is not complete when you move all the furniture. No room is complete

Wooden Table Decor

Wooden Table Decor

Before decorating and the same goes for your dining room. Yes, you’ve hung art on the walls or placed a beautiful mirror in your living room, but between meals and dinner, have you thought about what decor should live on your table?

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Fortunately, there are so many dining room table decorating ideas out there, and the options are so wide and varied that you can easily find one that suits your space. There are colorful tables, soft centerpieces and everything in between. And the best part: dining room table decor is temporary, so you can experiment with one idea today, try another tomorrow, and keep working off your list for years to come.

Wooden Table Decor

Of course, this journey is demanding and we have much to share. Scroll through to see some of the boldest, chicest, and most delightful dining room table decor ideas we could find.

Candles are a classic addition to any living room, and if yours is particularly elegant, let them serve as a centerpiece.

Wooden Table Decor

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Pair a light wood table in a light wood room with dark wood sconces and dark candles. A bold centerpiece will draw the eye without breaking your minimalist palette, adding equal amounts of contrast and unity.

Most of us look for contrast in our centerpieces and look to bowls, vases and candles to complement dining room tables. However, why not look for the parts you need

Wooden Table Decor

Black ceramics can look stunning on a dark dining table – adding visual interest with a soft, sophisticated palette you’ve managed to dry.

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If you really want to take things to the next level, you can even match the contents of the bowl to the chairs in your living room.

Wooden Table Decor

Fresh flowers are the cherry on top of a well-decorated space and make a wonderful centerpiece. Sure, scrolling through your dining room table setting every week can get a little tedious if the flowers are particularly hardy. However, the upside is that the trade-in price is worth it when the center looks and smells fresh.

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When you place things close together, they look connected, and this rule will make creating creative centerpieces much easier. Put together enough of your decor and suddenly it will seem greater than the sum of its parts.

Wooden Table Decor

Décor Tips For Your Dining Table Everyday

This works especially well if the items are similar in size and color, but holds true even if your pieces are diverse.

Most of us place centerpieces in the middle of our dining room tables. After all, this word has a center in its name. However, playing with asymmetry can also be fun.

Wooden Table Decor

Place the centerpiece in the center and watch your space change. Just make sure it’s an off-center placement, not a random misalignment.

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Don’t force yourself to choose between vases, bowls and candles if you don’t want to – get all three. You can group them in the middle of the table or spread them out. Either way, you end up with a dynamic, textured and unique dining table.

Wooden Table Decor

Vases are a great addition to a space that could use a little decoration, and if you have several gorgeous options to display, display them all at once. Mix and match vases of different sizes and colors and remember you don’t have to fill them all with plants.

If the vases echo the colors in your home’s palette, they will match your space. And if not, look for options that complement the decor in the living room.

Wooden Table Decor

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Your dining table decor can be as soft or fun as you like, so stock up on options that match your space. If your dining room is full of vibrant colors, don’t stop at yourself. Stack the same bold vases to let your palette become more dynamic.

If you read a lot at the dining room table—or frankly, even if you don’t—it pays to keep a few of your favorite books nearby. Choose a small part of your reading or keep a few table books on hand.

Wooden Table Decor

You can stack them next to your track, place it below it, or use it to replace the currently displayed one.

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If you’ve combined your dining room table with a bench, consider decorating it instead. This will keep your desk clean and tidy while allowing you to add dynamic decor to your space.

Wooden Table Decor

Look for options that seem practical, like a plush throw or a few books. Decor looks good when it doesn’t make even a little bit of sense, so make sure it fits the purpose of your bench and room.

Fresh fruit is a wonderful thing, so why not make it a centerpiece using freshly purchased produce? Fresh oranges can add color and personality to a minimalist space, and other types of fruit can have just as much impact.

Wooden Table Decor

Wedding Decorations Table Rustic Style Wooden Stock Photo 1009873423

Tablecloths are a great choice for living room decor, and there are many ways to make a classic accent feel modern.

Opt for a slim and short tablecloth that reflects the softer colors in your space – yes, black is on the menu. Then pair it with low-profile dishes and modern decor, and voila, you’ve got a stunning tablescape on your hands.

Wooden Table Decor

A large dining table does not need a large centerpiece. In fact, a smaller center can be more expressive because it will create such a visual contrast.

Rustic Wedding Table Decorations Wooden Table Top View Bohemian Wedding Stock Photo By ©victoriabee 227134502

This is not to say that large centers cannot be paired with large tables. You can if you want. However, if you’re drawn to the idea of ​​playing with contrast, size can be a great way to do so.

Wooden Table Decor

It can be a great place to introduce new colors to your centerpiece, but it also allows you to cement your existing palette. Take a look at some of the accent shades in the space and choose a centerpiece that matches them.

Remember that the size of the setting affects its visual impact. Matching the centerpiece to the dining room chairs will be a little bolder than matching the centerpiece to the adjacent dining room piece.

Wooden Table Decor

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The best decor is both beautiful and practical, so look for ways to integrate it into your space. Pair a pretty plant with an appetizing dish and watch your living room feel warmer and more welcoming – replace the dishes with on the tray. Otherwise, the choice of decor is impractical.

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Most herbal centerpieces are either fake or in need of replacement – ​​we’re looking at you, fresh flowers. However, there is no rule that you cannot use a beautiful live plant.

Wooden Table Decor

Look at the lighting situation in your dining room and look for a plant that will thrive there. Then, find a planter that matches your home’s aesthetic and incorporate the plant into your space.

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We often see candles that match perfectly, but a set of smaller shapes can look great in your space. Collect candles that are similar but not perfect and decorate the dining room table with them.

Wooden Table Decor

You’ll end up with tables that look dynamic yet cohesive. And since you build the set yourself, you can make it as vibrant or as soft as you like.

Black decor may seem like a bold choice for any space, but it can look great in your dining room. Stock up on bold black pieces that transform your space.

Wooden Table Decor

Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas For All Tables

If the rest of your room is dark and cozy, this decor choice will make it feel more grounded. If it is lighter or brighter, they will add a dose of contrast to your living room.

If your kitchen cabinets are stocked with good service items, consider displaying some of them on your dining room table. The pieces will function a bit like a sculpture. Since serving dishes play a central role in dining and entertaining, they will make intuitive sense in your space.

Wooden Table Decor

Do you want your dining table to be decorated, but not cluttered? Try to set the table. Set out your prettiest plates, display your boldest fabric napkins, and stack some napkin rings to bring your place together.

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Of course, the desktop view is optional

Wooden Table Decor

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