Yacht Table Decorations

Yacht Table Decorations – The interior department of more than a dozen yachts showcased their talents for the Top Notch Tabletop competition during yesterday’s show. And they didn’t disappoint. Tables that dazzle and dazzle, some with a spectacular look, others with classic, clean lines.

“This boat is very simple and elegant,” said Chief Stew Dani Thompson. “We don’t go overboard with our decorations.”

Yacht Table Decorations

Yacht Table Decorations

For the outdoor display, they gathered some of their favorite elements: four-pronged napkins, white lilies, and silver starfish and seashells.

Magical Days Motor Yacht

Chief Stew Dani Thompson, left, and Second Stew Chanel Marais of 180-foot Amels M/Y Step One set up two elegant tables for the Top Notch Tabletop competition, which was photographed yesterday for judging on Facebook, which will begin next at the event. PHOTO/LUCY REED

Yacht Table Decorations

The indoor team in Step One challenged themselves by setting up two tables to compete in the indoor and outdoor categories. Interior tables take purple accents from the saloon and main deck seating areas, again keeping it simple.

Chief Stew Margaret Hill’s 108-foot Broward M/Y Double Down adorns the cruise ship’s interior tables with a spring theme, including fresh spring flowers, mossy placemats and white pottery.

Yacht Table Decorations

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“The table is my favorite part” of being a cook, says Hill. “It allows me to be creative, and the results are always different. With the same thing, I can decorate a table in 30 different ways.”

The in-house team at the 151-foot Hakvoort M/Y Allegria used their experience with charters and long voyages to show boards that take simple cuts in new ways.

Yacht Table Decorations

The inside team at 151-foot Hakvoort M/Y Allegria, from left: Chief Stew Ania Broszkiewicz, second stew Hanna Swieczkowska, third stew Alice Steele with their entry in the Top Notch Table Top Challenge.

Interior Design Furnishing Decor Of The Salon Dining Area In A Large Luxury Motor Yacht Stock Photo

“Play with placemats,” says Chief Stew Ania Broszkiewicz. “Use two colors and layer them to add depth and a new look. When you have guests for 30 days it can be hard to come up with a new arrangement. Just be bold.”

Yacht Table Decorations

One of the biggest challenges for a cook is creating an intimate place at a large table. Oftentimes, the favorite place to eat on a cruise ship is the stern deck, but this is also a large table setting. Creating an intimate environment for two, three or four people can be difficult. Broszkiewicz does this by splitting a corner or end of the table with a runner or mat, and missing the middle.

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“We always like to monitor our guests as they come to the table because it is an important part of their journey,” he says. “How memorable is sitting at a nice table and having a good meal with family and friends?”

Yacht Table Decorations

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The contest is judged by the public via social media. It was hosted by Aqualuxe Outfitters in Boca Raton, with a photo posted on their Facebook page, topnotchtabletop. Friends have until April 10 to return. Winners will be announced online and at the Triton Expo on April 15.

Yachts will be honored and chefs will win prizes based on two table categories (luxury interior and outdoor style) and two stove categories (menu design and tip of the day).

Yacht Table Decorations

More than 6,200 votes were cast for 25 yachts in last year’s contest, which featured over $5,000 in prizes.

Yacht Stew Confession: I Sucked At Napkin Folding

“During boat shows, sailors don’t always get the chance to visit other boats and see other tabletop masterpieces,” says Cris Clifford, owner of Aqualuxe Outfitting. “That’s why we started this, as a portal for girls to share their ideas and creations.”

Yacht Table Decorations

Suggestion Step One: Restart the hydrangeas when they start to walk, rotate the petals, and soak the petals in fresh, clear, even ice water for three or four hours. “Our hydrangeas started growing yesterday, so I soaked them in water,” Thompson said. “We couldn’t believe how beautiful they came back. We called everyone in to take a look.” “It’s a miracle,” said Marais. Double Down Tip: Use a potted plant as a centerpiece. They add a different look than cut flowers and can be a lot cheaper. Hill bought all three at his spring counter — two tulips and a large pot of mini daffodils — for about $20.

Allegria’s tip: Create an intimate space at a large table by dividing a corner or end of the table with runners or a rug. Skip the middle. Instead, use flower arrangements on the side. Be subtle with it. It’s no secret, table setting is my WATCH. I love everything about the planning stage, getting creative and seeing the look of joy on guests’ faces when they first approach the table. So you can imagine my excitement when I recently spoke to Emma & Ella – the women behind @Centerpiece.eu about the beautiful surroundings, freshly ironed towels and how I wish our decor board wardrobe had changed to add more variety. .

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Yacht Table Decorations

Romantic Valentine`s Day Dinner Setup With Rose Petals Stock Image

These two incredibly talented women are on a mission to help as many flight attendants as possible with all their interior needs. There is no hidden agenda to make your bills as big as possible, just finding solutions for the needs of each internal team. As you can tell, I’m all for badass women helping each other out. So, thanks to both of them, I decided to share something special below with you.

After our chat, @centerpiece.eu  sent us a box of beautiful interior items including decorative items, napkins and tablecloths. The perfect guide to our first serve practice session of the season. What better way to spend a Friday afternoon at work than learning more about table setting and napkin folding. Plus, it’s the first time in centuries we’ve had white napkins that are perfectly square and clean – so it would be rude for them not to show a few creases!

Yacht Table Decorations

I posted it all on instastory and got an awesome response from Stew asking to see the Service Training Books he had put together. Honestly, I’m building this specifically for my current in-house team and will probably change it based on the girls I work with as owners as time goes on. Also, I am VERY nervous and a bit excited to share some of my training books with you all.

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If you want me to share more of these types of training tools, let me know! xo

Yacht Table Decorations

Good morning! My name is Gemma, the girl behind Yacht Stew. After 7 years working on cruise ships I wanted to create a platform where I could share my stories, travels and passions. I’ve been asked a million and one times, “What do you actually do when you work on a cruise ship?” – I hope this blog will give you a good insight. I am very excited to share my journey and story with you.

In this visual guide, learn exactly how to impress your guests and take your table to the next level. By registering, you will also get all the latest news and updates from The Yacht Stew.

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Yacht Table Decorations

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On Wednesday we are SEVEN pink, a rule I take very seriously! All the jokes aside, I’m a girly girl and…

After 8 years of adventurous work on cruise ships, Taryn decided to return to life on land. He currently lives on the sunny coast of South Africa. Fresh from cruise ships and having worked in high-end resorts and hotels, Taryn has a thorough understanding of what the industry needs and is highly qualified to find the perfect match for crew and cruise ships. Taryn’s friendly, kind demeanor and passion for the industry ensures excellent and professional communication with clients and crew at all times. When Taryn isn’t working, you can be found at the beach, participating in any outdoor activity or sharing a bottle of wine with family and friends.

Yacht Table Decorations

Ciara joins our team with 5 years of industry experience and is based in Bristol, UK. He brings his skills and passion for luxury customer service to recruits while maintaining a calm and kind nature to both crew and clients. When not working, Ciara continues to study music history and performing classical music and enjoys country walks with her husband and sausage dogs.

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Mandy has 8 years of experience in the industry and brings her A-game from the South of France. He brings a unique and energizing perspective with 5 years of field recruitment experience in London and is sure to make anyone feel welcome with his kind nature. When she is not working she can be found spending time with her husband and daughter, enjoying the beauty of France.

Yacht Table Decorations

Eloise brings 3 years of industry experience to our team. Currently living in South Africa, Eloise was the first member of the TYSR team and has since built lasting relationships with clients and crew. Eloise divides her time between South Africa and TYS HQ in England. He cares deeply and ensures that all crew and customers receive the best possible support, with a high standard of customer service. When not working, Eloise hangs out

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