Youtube Table Decorations

Youtube Table Decorations – Looking for a simple and modern Thanksgiving table decoration? You’ll love the gorgeous boho vibe you’ll get from using pumpkin decorations, gold candles, and a macrame runner.

I never host Thanksgiving because we always go to my parent’s house, but I decided to set the table for Thanksgiving this year to see what I could do.

Youtube Table Decorations

Youtube Table Decorations

All of the pieces I used for the table were items I had in my fall decor. The only new things I used were the pumpkins and placemats I made.

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Ideally, you will need plates, cups, napkins and silverware for all guests. To make it even better, you can also include these elements:

Youtube Table Decorations

For a formal dinner, place the fork on the left side of the plate. Smaller forks go out for appetizers or salads, and place larger forks closer to the plate for the main course.

On the right side of the plate, place the knife close to the plate with the blade facing inward. Place the spoon next to the knife last.

Youtube Table Decorations

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You don’t have to break the budget for a beautiful Thanksgiving table! You can use existing elements with some new pieces to create a beautiful table.

If you often throw parties or like to entertain, use pieces from previous events. And you can always pull out the fall decorations you have around the house.

Youtube Table Decorations

Grab leftover Halloween pumpkins and use them to make centerpieces. Use small faux pumpkins to add dimension to the table.

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Real flowers are beautiful, but artificial flowers last forever! Invest in some beautiful flowers that you can use for years to come.

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Youtube Table Decorations

Be sure to check out your local dollar store to see what amazing things they have. You can often find simple scraps of wood, wood, or inexpensive fall decor that you can use for a small table decoration.

And always opt for decorations in neutral colors that can be used for many things. White, cream and wood are easy to use for any occasion.

Youtube Table Decorations

Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany. 07th Apr, 2020. A Sign

An easy centerpiece is to use white Halloween pumpkins. You carve it as usual, just place the glass in the middle to fill it with flowers. You can use real or fake flowers and even fake pumpkins if you have them.

When deciding on your Thanksgiving decorations, the main elements to include are centerpieces, table settings, and other small or tall fillers to add visual interest.

Youtube Table Decorations

I decided to add 2 centerpieces, a table runner, white faux pumpkins to add some depth, and candlesticks to add some height.

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To make the pumpkin centerpiece, I placed a vase inside the carved pumpkin and then used some of my fall decorating ideas. If you are going to do this, try using short and wide jars if you have small pumpkins so they are completely covered.

Youtube Table Decorations

I also love that you can get a lot of things from Amazon so you can serve them before Thanksgiving if you’re putting the table together at the last minute.

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