Z Gallerie Coffee Table Decor

Z Gallerie Coffee Table Decor – A couple of weeks ago, I went to Z Galleries in Beverly Hills to pick out some new pieces from their new Fall/Winter collection. (

.) For this collaboration, I wanted to pick a theme to host a holiday party since Cody and I get together with our neighbors here at our apartment almost every weekend. (

Z Gallerie Coffee Table Decor

Z Gallerie Coffee Table Decor

So first, I picked up these 2 silver pumpkins to go with my already neutral living room. I didn’t want to get too into the classic fall colors, because that’s not really me, but I love pumpkins, so these gave me the best of both worlds. (

Savoy Coffee Table

.) On the opposite side of the pumpkins, I have the wax marble LED posts, which look like candlesticks. There is a little light inside, and with the flick of a switch at the bottom, a light turns on that makes them look like burning candles. And to change up my living room a bit, I added a white chinchilla checkerboard, which is the softest thing ever, and a super chic version of tic-tac-toe to the coffee table. (

Z Gallerie Coffee Table Decor

You all know I wouldn’t have a real incompatible game board sitting on my coffee table. laugh out loud

Now, since champagne is almost always expected at a holiday party, I went with these flutes to toast the champagne. How amazing are they?! I actually like that there isn’t a bottom to put on them, because it just tends to make guests put their champagne glasses back in one place, instead of being arranged all over the place. (

Z Gallerie Coffee Table Decor

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) As hosts, you always need little snacks for your guests, so what better candy to go with champagne than Hershey Kisses? (

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.) They were perfect to place inside the lovely Bella bowl that is on the kitchen island. Chocolate and champagne? Yes thank you.

Z Gallerie Coffee Table Decor

While I would start with the flutes to grill on the island, I place them on a table tray, to make it easier to maneuver in the living room, for guests who want to watch TV or just sit on the couch.

Emmett Coffee Table

As long as you have a few of the perfect pieces, your hosting skills will go a long way!

Z Gallerie Coffee Table Decor

Table tray | Champagne toast Khalil | A beautiful bowl Tic Tac | The launch of the chinchilla Pumpkins LED candle posts XOXO Tray |

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